My Story

Thanks for visiting my webpage. While this isn't my "day job", I take photography very seriously and find great enjoyment in it. I started out in model/fashion photography, mostly taking workshops and working with amateur models on a TFP (trade-for-print) basis (model and I give our time freely, and in exchange we both get prints for our portfolios). I still do TFP in select circumstances where I feel a model can offer something new to my portfolio - so if you're an amateur model, please contact me for TFP!

In addition to model/fashion photography, I also enjoy doing portrait shoots of all kinds - seniors, family, children, etc. My sitting fee is very reasonable and I work with a nationwide professional printing lab, which allows you to get anything from 5x7 or wallet prints, 30x40 canvas wall art, bound photo albums, and much more.

My main camera is a Nikon D700, and my backup is a Nikon D90. I use a wide variety large-aperture "fast glass" prime and telephoto lenses which provide clear, sharp and bright photos in any environment. I also use AlienBee studio lights and Nikon SB speedlights when needed.

If you are interested in learning more about my photography, or wish to discuss a shoot idea, please contact me via this website with your e-mail address and telephone number. I am very flexible and I'm always looking for new ideas - and more photos for my portfolio!

To see more photos that I've taken, please visit my event photo sales website